DKN Technology Xg10 Series Whole Body Vibration Plate

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DKN Xg10 Series Whole Body Vibration Plate

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level with one of the most modern exercise machines available? Vibration plate exercises give your normal routine a boost by rapidly vibrating your body, giving you extra resistance and more benefits than standard exercise. From improved hormone production to increased basal metabolic rate, this is an exercise machine you can’t afford to miss.

The DKN Xg10 is one of the strongest, most effective units you can find. With gravity acceleration of 12G’s and a frequency range between 20Hz and 50Hz, you’ll be sure to find a setting that works with you. Start nice and slow with 20Hz and gradually work your way towards powerful 50Hz workouts. Both beginners and advanced users will find this vibration plate useful. You can adjust the vibrations by 5Hz, making it easy to find the right setting.

Looking to start a new routine, or spice up your current one? No problem. The virtual personal coach has workout plans for upper body, lower body, core, and even total body. There’s even a little display image that shows you how the movement should be done, which is ideal for beginners or those who haven’t used a vibration plate before.

This unit is built to last. It takes a lot of punishment from all that movement and supporting your weight the whole time, but this vibration plate can take it. Made from high-grade steel and reinforced with durable carbon fiber, you’ll get years of use from the DKN Xg10. There’s even a vibration cushion to keep you comfortable, and the ergonomic handles near the control panel stabilize your movements and ensure your hands won’t feel any strain.

Many exercise machines are bulky and difficult to set up without dedicating a whole room to them. That’s not the case with the DKN Xg10 vibration plate. The dimensions are 33.5x26x55 inches, meaning it’s just 33.5 inches wide and 55 inches tall. If you can fit a weight scale in the room, then you can put the vibration plate in its place.

Setting up the machine is easy. Even if this is your first time putting one together, even if you have no experience assembling anything, you’ll be finished and ready to exercise in 30 minutes. We don’t want to waste a second of your time, so we made sure that everything was as user-friendly and easy to assemble as possible.

So, if you want to:

-Increase hormone production

-Improve bone mass

-Enhance the health and lean muscle mass

-Alleviate pain and drain lymph fluids

This is the machine you need. Vibration plates have a number of benefits and they’re just fun to use, adding a new layer of complexity to your workouts. If you really want to improve your fitness and get all these extra benefits, then it’s time to add a vibration plate to your life.

Our warranty is as solid as the vibration plate itself, and you’ll love how much better you feel after your workout. Stop putting off your fitness and take your body to the next level with our DKN Xg10.

DKN Xg10 Specs

  • Gravity Acceleration/Strength: 12g
  • Amplitude: 1.8 mm – 3.9 mm
  • AC Motor: 3.2 K/N
  • Frequency ranges, in between 20 to 50 Hz, with interval steps of 5 Hz,
  • Touch screen,
  • Back-lighted panel
  • Basic Virtual coach (visualizing graphic exercise positions)
  • 4 integrated programs 
  • 100% high-grade steel,
  • Reinforced with carbon fiber

This DKN XG 10 is made for home use as well as professional use.

Preset Programs for Vibration Therapy on the XG10

  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Core
  • Total Body

Your DKN XG10 Vibration Plate comes in 2 boxes with:

  • Vibration platform unit & hardware
  • Exercise straps
  • Vibration Cushion
  • Owner’s manual with Vibration Exercise book
  • 2-year warranty on motor and electrical
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 24/7 support

The DKN machines are easy to set up and within 30 minutes you will exercise. Call us if you need more information about the setup or anything else: 

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