Vibration Plate 101 - Gravity Vibration Therapy

power plates treatmentFREE! Learn what vibration machines are, what it does and how you can benefit from it.

Gravity Vibration plate helps to achieve optimal health, as it impacts all components of the overall health including the cardiovascular system, muscle and bone mass, strength, flexibility, balance...

In the book

  • Vibration therapy by vibration platesWhat do I need (vertical VS horizontal, Controlled WBV,...)

  • The Benefits (lymphatic drainage, osteoporosis treatment, Decrease Stress level, Reduce Joint pain, Cellular, Blood circulation, Increase Bone density, hormonal response...)

  • Effects of Gravity on Wellness, Fitness, Health, Beauty...

  • And much more....


The information in this book is based on scientific fact and real results people have achieved.

Vibration Plate 101 E-Book

 "I am no longer on the medication Celebrex for the arthritis pain in my knees. I am very pleased with the results provided by the vibration plate" 

Sandra O'Neil

"I bought my machine and am using it on a regular basis to prevent osteoporosis. They suggested exercises increase bone mass.  This machine increases your bone density and scientifically my testing proves this."

Mary Ann Johnson


We hope that this e-book will give you the basic education you need to make the right choice for yourself.

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