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Vibration Plate Testimonial

We have been using the DKN X5 and DKN X10 as a part of our weight loss program at our alternative medicine clinic. Since our clients are not allowed to increase their heart rate while on our program, they use the total body vibration three times a week for the duration of the program. Our clients are amazed at the results not only the weight loss but also how much more energized they feel, improved mood, improved muscle tone, and increased strength. Most of our clients continue to use the total body vibration after they have reached their weight loss goals. And, several of our clients have purchased a machine for home use. We are very pleased with the results our clients have with the total body vibration and would recommend that everyone have on. Sincerely ,  Marion Lang, PT, NHP - ICAM Institute of Amarillo


Arthritis treatment with Vibration plate

I have been on the medication Celebrex for six years for the arthritis pain in my knees. I started using the DKN Whole Body Vibration Platform Jan 2009, and I am presently using the machine 4 to 5 times a week. As of July 2009 I am no longer on the Celebrex. I am very pleased with the results provided by the DKN vibration platform.  Sandra Ontario Canada



Vibration Plate Workout Trainer DKN

I came about a month ago and purchased an xg5. I am so impressed with the results that I am now wishing I purchased the xg10. I've been using it 6 days a week and have never seen such a difference in my body after so little training. After 4 weeks I already use it at 50HZ and feel that I'd like to work my body harder.  Mauro Ravanelli (Trainer) Fitness

Vibration Plate Chiropractor

WBV is really great and has been well received, especially by my high school athletes. It is also beautiful and well made. The demos for the exercises really help keep me out of the picture. I have been wishing I could build a custom program but putting the poster up will help as each patient will have their personalized program on a travel card with the number of each exercise.  Amanda Kelsey, DC - Creating Wellness Chiropractic Center Sports


I just finished using the DKN on 2 patients with torn shoulder cartilage. They, along with another woman several weeks ago have responded unbelievably. I have been very pleased with the platform and think it is an excellent therapy platform.  Gabriel Ettenson - Equilibrium Physical Therapy, LLC Rehabilitation/ health


Osteoporosis Treatment with Power Plate

I ordered DKN Vibration Trainer from you last November, and you were so helpful, I wanted to let you know how it has worked out.   

I originally bought it for osteoporosis, and won't know for a year or more if it's helping with that, but the unexpected side effect has been that it's helped with pain and mobility issues from peripheral neuropathy.  There could be other unknown factors at work, but I am certain that the pain levels go down after using the vibration machine.  There seems to be a cumulative effect too, and the improvement only started after I began using the machine, so I'm convinced of it's effectiveness.   It's not a scientific study, but it might be a good piece of information for other people who are considering buying one.  

Even though the local fitness stores were a tad snobby and disdainful when I asked if they carried a WBV machine, I am glad I kept looking and took a chance.  It's been worth every penny.  Thanks again, Cathy - Happy User