DKN Xg5 pro Series Whole Body Vibration Plate

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DKN Xg5 pro Series Whole Body Vibration Plate

If you’re looking for a revolutionary way to take your workout to the next level, to get more from your routine and in less time, then you must try vibration training. This is just like conventional exercise, but the difference is you’re in a vibrating plate the whole time. It sounds simple, but this one small additional adds a world of difference.

This oscillating plate gives you a hefty amount of resistance that makes even the smallest moves anaerobic and muscle building. From squats and lunges to push-ups and sit-ups, you’ll find vibrating plates help you do so much more with your body.

If you’re looking to:

-Quickly build muscle and improve cardio fitness

-Increase hormone production and drain lymph fluid

-Reduce pain and feel great

-Use joint-friendly exercise equipment that won’t hurt your body

Then this piece deserves a spot in your home. Working at a powerful 9G’s and able to move between 20Hz and 50Hz in speed, this vibrating plate won’t quit and will give you a serious workout. You can easily switch speeds to ensure you find the right one for your fitness level, whether you’re completely new to fitness or trying to boost your routine and make it more challenging.

You might be worried that the DKN Xg5 PRO is too big for your home, that you have no way of fitting it anywhere. Most home equipment needs a whole room, but the Xg5 PRO can be placed nearly anywhere with ease. It measures just 33 inches wide and 55 inches tall. You can squeeze it into any spare corner without any difficulty at all.

How do you use a vibrating plate? It’s as easy as working out on top of it, but that might be intimidating to new users. Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for that. That’s a digital personal training in there. You can choose between four different exercise routines for upper body, lower body, core and total body. This allows you to work a specific section of your body while ensuring you do everything properly.

We want you to be comfortable while using the Xg5. There’s no need to use anything that is strenuous or that can hurt your body, that’s just bad for you. The Xg5 has an ergonomic handle so that you can stabilize yourself during the workout, a cushioned plate so that you don’t hurt your feet and even a mini control panel near the bottom for when you’re down on the ground.

Think of the DKN Xg5 PRO as your way of stopping the ravages of time, of reversing the muscle wasting and decreasing fitness you see year after year. You’ll be able to safeguard your body while maintaining autonomy and keeping up on your health.

If you’re ready to really improve your fitness and overall toning, then you need the DKN Xg5 PRO. Vibration training is easy on the body and gives you results faster and better than conventional training. Give it a try today and we promise that you won’t be disappointed.

The DKN XG-05 PRO has an integrated 4-module workout system:

  • Upper Body
  • Abdominal
  • Lower Body
  • Total Body

DKN Xg5 Pro Specs

  • Acceleration/Strength: 9g
  • Amplitude: 1.8 mm – 3.9 mm
  • AC Motor: 2.6 K/N

Your DKN XG5 PRO Vibration Plate comes in 2 boxes with:

  • Vibration platform unit & hardware
  • Exercise straps
  • Vibration Cushion
  • Owner’s manual with Vibration Exercise book
  • 2-year warranty on motor and electrical
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 24/7 support

    We provide full support, you are dealing with experts who know their products from A to Z.  

    The DKN machines are easy to set up and within 30 minutes you will exercise. Call us if you need more information about the setup or anything else: Request a Free Call Back Here

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