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DKN Xg10 PRO Series Extreme Whole Body Vibration Plate

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With WBV, you will improve your flexibility, rebuild muscle and bone mass,  improve balance, blood flow, and proprioception. 

The XG10 PRO vibration plate comes with a 3D virtual coach and 12 preset programs.

This machine is made for home use as well as professional use.

"I have been using the XG10 Whole Body Vibration in my practice for about 3 years. It has been an excellent addition to our rehab department. I couldn't imagine practicing without one."

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Clearly, vibration exercise should be a key strategy to prevent the ravages of aging. 

Controlled whole body vibration provides an ideal Active Therapy as, it affects all three systems simultaneously and is, therefore, a perfect tool for Active and Preventive Care.

Here is a video of the Machine:

XG10 PRO Specifications:

  • Frequency ranges, in between 20 to 50 Hz, with interval steps of 5 Hz
  • Back-lighted panel
  • 3D Virtual coach  with 12 integrated programs (look Below)
  • Acceleration/Strength: 12g
  • Amplitude: 1 mm – 3.9 mm
  • AC Motor: 3.2 K/N
  • 100% high-grade steel, reinforced with carbon fiber

    Get your own personal trainer

    XG10 PRO Personal trainer

    The integrated Virtual coach is a great tool to reach your health & fitness goals

    • 12 high-effective programs. Between 45 seconds to 1'30 per exercise, 10 seconds rest between exercises. 
    • See video of each exercise.
    • Timed workout with prompting for each new exercise and breaks.
    • No confusion on what exercise to do next, or how to do it. 
    • Create custom workouts
    • Set the duration per exercise
    • Set the frequency per exercise

      Your XG10 PRO comes in 2 boxes with

      The DKN machines are easy to setup and within 30 minutes you will exercise. Call us if you need more information about the setup or anything else: Request a Free Call Back Here

      • Vibration platform unit & hardware
      • Exercise straps
      • Vibration Cushion
      • Owner’s manual with Vibration Exercises
      • 2-year warranty on motor and electrical
      • Lifetime warranty on frame
      • 24/7 support

      FREE GIFT WITH YOUR PURCHASE ($20 Value): Beginners Whole Body Vibration Exercise Chart

      Vibration plate exercises

      Do you want to work-out effectively? My Vibration Plate is offering a full fitness program when you purchase a machine on our website. Get fit with a program specially designed for quick results!


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