Whole Body Vibration and Menopause

How to decrease post menopause symptoms with Whole Body Vibration


Ah, the great change.

Once a woman reaches a certain age, their bodies prepare to go through menopause as they reach the end of their child-bearing years and their reproductive capabilities come to an end. While menopause marks a certain feeling of relief as well as freedom, there is no woman out there that has ever said menopause symptoms are fun to go through. As your body begins to produce less estrogen and more progesterone, it can have a wide variety of symptoms, primary among them are trouble sleeping, depression, and the dreaded hot flashes that can come on at any time.

While there are a number of different tools for managing the symptoms of menopause, the most effective is widely considered to be exercise. Both resistances and aerobic exercise regimens have shown marked improvement for menopausal women when it came to managing depression and other symptoms of menopause as well as improving their overall psychological health during this occasionally challenging time.

However, alongside exercise, there might be another way in helping to manage menopause symptoms – whole body vibration.


Whole Body Vibration and Menopause Symptoms

Unfortunately for menopausal women seeking relief, there isn’t much that can stop their hot flashes or other symptoms once the change begins, it is all about managing them. While hot flashes will still be unexpected terrors, when it comes to the other symptoms – the depression, mood swings, and sleep problems – a whole body vibration machine may be the answer if you don’t have the time for exercise to help assuage them.
Spending time on the vibration plate can allow menopausal women to reap the same benefits of exercise in only a fraction of time. Vibration therapy can help increase blood flow, improve muscular strength, improve balance, and allows for better flexibility. All of this can lead to less pain and an improved mood or, at very least, a more balanced mood during the change.

However, while there isn’t anything one can do to stop the hot flashes, whole body vibration can go a long way towards easing them. Hot flashes are caused when the blood vessels close to the skin dilate, causing redness and occasionally sweating. This leads to an overall feeling of heat that can, for some women, feel absolutely stifling. No one knows specifically why they are triggered, thus there is no way to stop them completely. However, it is widely believed to be due to changes in blood circulation, which is why vibration therapy, something that is great for increased blood flow, can make hot flashes less likely.
Many menopausal women find that if they enjoy some whole body vibration before bedtime, they are less likely to manifest hot flashes, or night sweats, in the middle of the night which can cause disrupted sleep and generally a bad start to the day. For those going through it, being able to skip even one hot flash is great news indeed.

Whole Body Vibration Benefits for Treating Postmenopausal Symptoms

While vibration therapy can help treat the symptoms of menopause by creating a more even and stable mood as well as increasing blood flow to help prevent hot flashes, it is not just women going through the change that can benefit from using a whole body vibration machine. In fact, studies have shown that the real benefits from a vibration plate come after women have gone through the changes of menopause.

Menopause marks a change in many things, but one major change that postmenopausal women may not always pay attention to is that after menopause occurs, their bone density begins to go downhill quickly. Not only does osteoporosis become more likely if you don’t give your bones diligent care, but it can also mean that fractures and breaks from falls are more likely. However, one of the major benefits for post menopausal women that can come from whole body vibration is that it can help improve bone density to make fractures and breaks less likely.

But How Does WBV Improve Hormonal Imbalance and Improve the Menopausal Symptoms?

You may be thinking: “This is quack stuff! There’s no way that a vibration machine can actually improve my menopausal symptoms.” But consider the following:
The chemicals and hormones that are needed to aid in the control, or outright reduction, of menopausal symptoms are linked to increased and more efficient blood flow. Since we’ve already determined that WBV is a champ at increasing blood flow, then we can naturally conclude (and it has been proven and studied) that the increase blood flow would also increase and efficiently produce the needed chemicals and hormones needed to combat menopausal symptoms:

Cortisol is one chemical that is increased with improved blood flow. Cortisol is a chemical that is a natural pain inhibitor. You may hear often about professional athletes getting Cortisone shots to help deal with and play through the pain. Well, WBV is an exercise that can help produce those chemical naturally and reduce back pain and other osteoporosis symptoms.

Growth hormone is another chemical that is increased via exercise and greater blood flow. Growth hormone assists women in keeping the bone density and muscle needed to protect the body from bone breaks and muscle tears. It also keeps the tendons and ligaments healthy so that the entire musculoskeletal system is working as well as it can for as long as it can.

A study found that over six months of whole body vibration training, it was found to have a positive effect on hip bone density, muscle strength, and postural control in postmenopausal women. When you compare these positive results to the other groups in the study - one who underwent resistance exercise and the other who did nothing – and their neither positive or negative results, there is no denying that time spent on the vibration plate can help you feel younger even longer as well as prevent you from the tragedy that is falling and breaking your hip.

However, vibration therapy for postmenopausal women doesn’t just improve muscle strength and bone density, one of its biggest benefits is the effect that it can have on pain relief. As you grow older, the pain just becomes an everyday event that you need to deal with, especially for postmenopausal women who develop osteoporosis. However, alongside the usual treatments of over-the-counter pain relievers, hot baths, and massages, vibration therapy can be used to relieve pain while having a number of other positive benefits.

For women who have ever used whole body vibration machines for other uses, or even just for fun, they will immediately note how good that vibration felt on their muscles. It is excellent just for relaxation after a workout while still improving your muscle strength through small contractions of the muscle tissue. However, don’t think of whole body vibration machines as just fitness machines because they can be a major boon to relaxation as well as pain relief, especially as you age and get age-related conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis.

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