Using Vibration Therapy as an Osteopenia Treatment

The common prescriptions for Osteoporosis include:

  • Boniva
  • Actonel
  • Fosamax

Do these prescriptions sound familiar?

Medical practitioners have long-since prescribed these medications because of a sliding T-score and the fantastic marketing done by drug companies.

Many individuals do not fall into a spectrum of Osteoporosis. They are, in fact, experiencing Osteopenia. Osteopenia is a precursor for Osteoporosis. It's a below normal level of bone mineral density (BMD).

Doctors mean well in their judgment and reasoning but there are alternatives to harsh drugs for the Osteopenia treatment.

Would you like to learn how? Great! Let's cover the basics and then reveal how vibration therapy could provide a safer, natural alternative.

Is osteopenia reversible?

What is Vibration Therapy?

How do you reverse osteopenia?

Sample Routines and Recommended Machines

Vibrate to a Better You

Is osteopenia reversible?

Osteopenia treatment aims to prevent the progress of Osteoporosis. General options include a change in lifestyle and taking medications. The combination of the two is the typical recommendations from a medical professional.

Lifestyle changes include:

  • An increase in proteins, calcium, and minerals in the diet
  • Low to mild levels of exercise to promote bone growth from physical stress

Natural recommendations include:

  • Taking a calcium supplement daily
  • Taking a vitamin supplement daily

Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption are recommended. Limiting caffeine intake is also on the list.

Other medications may include:

  • Raloxifene
  • Bisphosphonates

The community is also part of the treatment. There are many events (such as walks) to promote awareness and dialog.

Osteopenia is a degenerative disease but early detection and treatment may curb or completely stop the on-going direction of developing Osteoporosis.

What is Vibration Therapy?

Vibration therapy is an alternate form of muscle and bone building for those that may not have the ability to exercise. Vibration therapy, known as whole body vibration therapy, uses a vibrating machine to simulate exercise.

A user stands on the machine, powers on, and experiences a vibrating motion. This up and down motion triggers Osteoblasts which promotes the bone-building process.

Visualize the effects of walking. How the heel to toe motion creates an impact on your lower joints, hips, back, and upper body.

Vibration therapy simulates these impacts through timing and frequencies. These are adjustable to your comfort.

The 'exercise' can include shifting from side to side to work on specific muscle and bone areas. Vibration therapy has been found to help with improving lumbar spine and femoral neck support along with reducing chronic back pain.

Concerns of vibration therapy are dependent on the individual. The therapy is not recommended for those that are pregnant, have blood clots, suffer from dizziness, or use a pacemaker.

How do you reverse osteopenia with Vibration Therapy?

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines are complex and provide a range of 'exercises' to improve bone density. These machines are used for other ailments but have become a hot commodity for those afflicted by Osteopenia.

Routine use of the machine provides an:

  • Increase in blood circulation and improvement of cardiovascular
  • Increase in hormone production
  • Increase in bone density
  • Increase in lymph drainage leading to detoxification

These machines are ideal for those having trouble maintaining routines outlined by medical professionals. These recommended routines may be difficult depending on the severity of their ailments. Ailments such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, lower back pain, and, of course, Osteopenia.

The results of one WBV 6-month test on postmenopausal women found:

"In conclusion, in healthy postmenopausal women, a 24-week whole body vibration program is feasible and able to modify muscle strength, balance, and hip bone density, which are well-recognized risk factors for hip fracture."

Additional studies via Spine, Volume 28, # 25, 2003 and Verschueren, et al, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research vol19, #3, 2004 found similar findings on the improvement of bone density.

There is an added benefit to the use of vibration therapy: comfort.

Anxiety takes over if your body feels out of sync. Exercising with ailments may frighten you from completing these recommended routines. WBV is a safe form of exercise that won't push your body beyond the limits and cause anxiety.


Always consult with your primary doctor or health care professional before self-treatment. Vibration therapy is a modern development going through extra studies. Lifestyle change and exercise should remain part of the Osteopenia treatment process.

Sample Routines and Recommended Machines

We would like to share routines using vibration therapy machines. These routines will promote decrease stress, reduce joint pain, and include blood circulation. All great routines for a natural Osteopenia treatment at home.

The Routines

Routines (exercises) are low-impact and fast which means you're welcome to do them daily. Though, it's best to include rest days to help muscles repair and promote the bone growth.

Here are routines worth trying -- along with tips:

  • Start with 30s-1m intervals until you reach 10-15m times
  • Practice yoga positions (with caution) to double down on exercise
  • Include stretch bands or cords for an added upper body workout
  • Perform leg-ups and squats in 5-10 intervals with a 30-second break
  • Gently swirl your core (like using a hula hoop) for abdominal spotting

The vibration machines pair well with typical exercise routines. Know your body before doing extras in the vibration therapy. The machine already does the work so if you're not physically able to add exercises then don't worry -- let the vibrations flow through you.

The Machines 

The DKN Technology line of vibration machines has become a popular choice due to their rugged design, features, and affordable pricing.

These machines include:

The principles are the same for these machines in which they provide vibration therapy. The main differences are on the number of preset programs and design. Any choice of these models will suffice for vibration therapy and treatment of Osteopenia.

Vibrate to a Better You

Increased health. Increase bone density. Promoted circulation. And more. These are the benefits which await. Perhaps this form of therapy is for you.

Do you have more questions about vibration therapy? We welcome you to click and download our free Vibration Plates 101 ebook. This ebook contains a wealth of scientific information to help you understand the benefits, best products, routines, and so much more!


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