Vibration Plate Exercises For Lower Right Back Pain

Lower Right Back Pain Treatment With Whole Body Vibration

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Looking for the best natural remedy?

You are not alone. It is estimated that about 80% of the population experiences back pain or problems at least once at some point in their life.

Have you heard of vibration plate exercises? A vibration plate is a type of machine capable of generating involuntary neuromuscular stretch reflex by increasing the gravity load on your body.

Vibration plates can be set to move on different frequencies and amplitudes depending on the user. Amplitude varies with the frequency, the frequency is the number of time per second that the plate moves up and down, 35 five times for 35 Hertz etc...contraction

The amplitude varies with the frequency between 1,3 and 2.8 millimeters. The fast speed increases the G-load on the body and creates an involuntary contraction of the muscles activated by the spindles. The muscle contraction increases the blood flow in the arteries and increases muscle strength.

The amplitude varies with the frequency between 1,3 and 2.8 millimeters. The fast speed increases the G-load on the body and creates an involuntary contraction of the muscles activated by the spindles. The muscle contraction increases the blood flow in the arteries. And increase muscle strength.

There are many benefits of whole body vibration therapy, including helping with lower right back pain!

And there are more benefits in using Whole body Vibration Therapy:

Using vibration plate machines can also help with menopause and balancing your hormones.

Using a vibration plate machine has also been shown to provide great workouts for weight loss and overall body strengthening. By using a machine, you can also build muscle and improve flexibility.

Read below for all the reasons doing vibration plate exercises for lower right back pain.

Always warm up before any exercise.


  1. Touch your toes - One of the best Exercises to Relieve Lower Right Back Pain


This very simple exercise on a vibration plate machine can have a big impact on back pain. It strengthens the lower back and relieves compression.

As a bonus, it also stretches and increases flexibility! And it all works to increase your body's stability.

Keep your legs straight. Bend over and rich for your feet, let your upper body move up and down with your breathing

  1. Lower Back Extensions


This is a great exercise to address lower right back pain. sit on the vibration plate.

Put your arms in front of you on the floor. Elongate your back and stretch back, relaxing your spine. Hold this for 60 seconds and return to the original sitting position for 20 seconds. Repeat.

  1. Downward Dog


Downward dog is another helpful yoga move that can be done while using a vibration plate machine. This pose leads to stronger hands, wrists, and lower backs.

It also increases body circulation and decreases tension in the body. Both of these things are good for decreasing lower right back pain.

This pose will have your body look like an inverted letter V. Place your hands on the machine's plate and ensure your hands are shoulder width apart.

Spread your fingers. Have your feet hips width apart and parallel to one another.

If you have tight hamstrings, you can start with bent legs and work your way towards straightening them.

Try doing downward dog often because it elongates and strengthens the back. This is very beneficial to anyone who sits for long periods of time like office workers or drivers.

  1. Cat Cow


If you are familiar with yoga, this one will sound familiar. This specific move can help with lower back pain and sciatica. It also will improve the flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and spine.

It even works the hips, abdomen, and chest!

  1. Vibration Push Ups


Doing push-ups on a machine targets mostly the shoulders and chest. But, it also engages and strengthens your core muscles.

Maintaining a strong core is important to keep your back muscles strong. This helps alleviate back pain.

Use a higher frequency for more stimulation and a lower one for a less difficult workout.

Adjust the vibration frequency for your body and try doing three sets of 10 reps. Keep your back straight and abs tight.

  1. Body Planks


Similar to pushups, doing whole body vibration planks is a great way to tone and condition the back muscles.

Try doing both regular planks and oblique planks. Mixing up both types of planks will allow for more stimulation and lead to a leaner core.

Place hands on the vibration plate machine, tighten your glutes and keep your abs engaged. Keep your back straight and hold for either 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Break and repeat with variation

Kneel on the ground facing the machine. Put your hands on the machine with palms down. Keep your back and spine straight and tighten your abdominal muscles.

First, round your back upward to the ceiling, pulling your neck into your chest. Hold this position and then slowly let your back dip towards the ground. Lift your buttocks towards the ceiling and relax your abdominals and hold.

Continue repeating this sequence for about one minute.

  1. Relax your back after these exercises


You will need a cushion that level with the high of the vibration plate, lay down on the cushion and the plate with your lower back and Butt on the plate. Your back and shoulders on the cushion. Put your feet’s on the handlebar, close your eyes and relax while the plate is vibrating relaxing your entire back. When the machine stops, you will feel a nice rush in your legs wait a few seconds. and do it one more time. This is a recommended 3 minutes exercise.

In addition to these 7 suggestions, Work those Abs

In addition to doing planks as mentioned above, there are many other exercises you can do to strengthen your abs and lower back on a vibration plate machine.

One is knee tuck. Sit on the machine plate and lean slightly backward onto your hands. Bend your knees, keep legs together, and lift both in the air towards one shoulder.

Hold and slowly lower feet to the floor. Do this 10 times for each shoulder. Try to repeat for 2 or 3 sets each side.

A second core and back focused exercise you can try are crunches. Sit on the machine plate with legs towards the front of the machine, one leg on each side.

Slowly lean back, hold and return to your upright position. Try doing 3 sets of 10 reps.

These exercises are a great way to manage your lower back pain. Using vibration plate machines can provide a therapeutic and massage-like feeling to your entire body.

Incorporating vibration plate exercises will not only help your lower right back pain, but it will also lead to overall better health. You will increase your flexibility and range of motion.

You will also find yourself with less overall chronic pain and joint stress. Your body will feel like a new person!

We made a full workout session here with all the exercises listed above

Want some more information on treating lower right back pain? Or maybe you want help choosing a machine that will change your life?

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