The 5 Best Fat Burners for Women to Lose Weight

fat Burners for women

We all have that one acquaintance who doesn't seem to have an ounce of fat on her body and who looks equally great in yoga pants or a little black dress.

When you look at her, you probably imagine that she eats nothing but kale and spends all her free time at the gym. 

Yet it's entirely possible that she keeps herself slim and toned with much less effort.

How? By taking advantage of fat burners for women. If you're interested in losing weight without starving yourself or running miles on a treadmill every day, take a look at our picks for the 5 best fat burners for weight loss.

The Five Best Fat Burners For Women

Boost Your Metabolism With Green Tea

Green Tea for weight loss

You've doubtless heard of the health benefits of green tea. It can help control blood sugar levels, inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells, and lower total cholesterol levels while increasing the level of "good" cholesterol (HDL).

Some research suggests that green tea can also help combat osteoarthritis, Parkinson's disease, and even cognitive decline.

Green tea contains several different types of polyphenols, chemicals that can provide antioxidant properties. The most active polyphenol in green tea and green tea extract, and thus the one that researchers believe provides the most health benefits, is EGCG.

Green tea also contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant.

Together, caffeine and EGCG can help stimulate the body's metabolism, resulting in an additional fat loss. One study found that overweight and moderately obese people experienced an improvement in both weight loss and weight maintenance.

Experts recommend drinking two to three cups of green tea daily, or taking a standardized supplement of green tea extract, not to exceed 750 mg. per day. 

Hydroxycitric Acid: A Best-Seller for a Reason

Hydroxycitric Acid

Hydroxycut is the brand name for a thermogenic (fat-burning) supplement that has become wildly popular in the United States. Its main component is an acid, similar to citric acid, called hydroxy citric acid.

Hydroxycitric acid is found in several types of plants, including garcinia Cambogia, which was recently touted by television personality Dr. Oz as a weight-loss supplement. 

Hydroxycut works in several ways. First, it helps prevent the storage of fat. It also can control appetite. 

It can also augment your exercise regimen by putting limits on the use of stored energy in the muscles. You feel less fatigued when working out, so you can exercise longer and harder.

All of these combine to make hydroxy citric acid, or garcinia Cambogia, one of the most sought-after fat burners for women.

Serve Up Some Safflower Oil

safflower oil

It sounds counterintuitive, but there is evidence that this cooking fat can reduce body fat. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published results of a study showing that safflower oil reduced trunk fat while increasing lean body mass.

Of course, any type of oil or dietary fat should be consumed only in moderation, and as part of a healthy diet.

Fill Your Plate With Fat Burners

Have you ever eaten a heavy, rich, calorie-laden meal and then felt terrible -- not just guilty, but actually physically sick -- afterward? We've all been there.

You likely understand that the reverse is true, too. When you eat cleanly, it shows in your skin, your energy level, and your overall vitality.

You can ensure those effects when you eat certain foods with thermogenic properties, like legumes, sweet potatoes, and oats. 

These foods all have a high fiber content, so when you eat them, you feel full for longer. Fiber is also great for the digestive process. 

Oats help boost metabolism, while the protein in sweet potatoes and beans helps to stabilize blood-sugar levels. 

It goes without saying that if you're trying to lose weight, you need to eat well. However, eating well doesn't have to mean endless green salads and egg-white omelets.

Try oatmeal with fruit for breakfast and a piece of poached salmon with sauteed greens for lunch. For dinner, make a burrito with black beans, mashed sweet potato, low-fat cheese and a whole-wheat tortilla.

Give Whole Body Vibration a Go

Here's one of the fat burners for women you may not be familiar with. Whole body vibration was developed in the 1960s as a way to keep Russian cosmonauts safe from the effects of zero gravity conditions.

Whole Body Vibration for weight loss

Whole body vibration is essentially the same as a workout -- only with less work on your part. The vibrating machine transmits energy to your body, causing your muscles to contract and expand dozens of times per second.

The effect is similar to that you'd get by exercising your own muscles. Using a whole body vibration system, however, gets the job done in much less time -- and without all the sweating.

Advocates of this method of burning fat say that it can benefit the body in other ways, as well. Whole body vibration may relieve symptoms of poor circulation, arthritis, lower back pain, osteopenia, and osteoporosis.

You already know that exercise keeps your joints healthy and prevents sarcopenia or muscle loss. The same may be true of whole body vibrating machines.

Additionally, these machines are a good choice for people who are skeptical about the effects of thermogenic supplements. After all, such supplements are not subject to the same regulation by the Food and Drug Administration as prescription medicines.

Many people feel that taking a supplement is safe simply because it is derived from all-natural ingredients, like green tea or raspberry ketones. Unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult to find definitive studies proving this safety.

If you're trying to get healthy, it's best to be careful about what you put into the temple that is your body. You avoid cigarettes, excessive alcohol consumption, and processed foods. 

The side effects of supplements may also seem scary. Turn to whole body vibration for a supplement-free fat burning solution.

Interested in natural alternatives to thermogenic supplements?

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