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With people everywhere living longer lives, aging-related degenerative diseases are becoming more common. Thanks to the launch of My Vibration Plate at, learning about and becoming equipped for an important therapeutic option has become easier than ever before. Studies suggest that controlled whole-body vibration therapy (cWBV) can deliver all the benefits of vigorous exercise in a fraction of the time, even for those who have been sedentary for years.

Power Plate Therapy by My Vibration PlatePower plate systems that make this style of therapy accessible can, therefore, be valuable additions to doctor's offices and homes. Supplying a brand of cWBV equipment that has produced industry-leading customer satisfaction in 25 countries already, My Vibration Plate arrives on the scene as the single best source for those looking to leverage everything this form of therapy has to offer. You can learn more about our company's products and download a free e-book entitled Vibration Plates 101 that covers everything shoppers will want to know.

"Living longer is something that just about everyone can appreciate, but older people today confront plenty of real challenges, too," said My Vibration Plate representative Thomas Ferreri, "Prime among these are aging-related musculoskeletal issues like osteoporosis and worsening flexibility, strength, and balance. Regular exercise has long been viewed as the best way of fighting back, but not everyone is ready or able to make that commitment. Studies have shown that controlled whole-body vibration therapy can deliver many of the same benefits while being accessible even to people whose history and physical condition might make intense exercise impossible."

Although some view them as static, essentially lifeless things, the bones that make up the human skeleton are anything but. Just like muscles, healthy human bones respond to stresses placed upon them by becoming stronger, denser, and more resilient.

Researchers have for many years pointed to weightlifting as the best way of slowing and countering the course of osteoporosis, an aging-related characterized by a generalized weakening of the bones. Unfortunately, many who already suffer from the condition find it difficult to engage in intense exercise, with bones and muscles weakened from years of inactivity making any strenuous exertion overly demanding.

A growing body of research suggests that the regular, controlled application of intense vibration to the body as a whole can provide many of the benefits of intense exercise, but in more accessible form. Whether to help promote bone density and slow the progress of osteoporosis; to increase circulation and the overall health of the cardiovascular system; or to stimulate wellness-enhancing muscle growth, controlled whole-body vibration therapy is increasingly attracting attention.

Unfortunately, not all associated products live up to the needs of patients and the hopes of their doctors. Offering a range of whole-body vibration systems that has produced 100-percent customer satisfaction in 25 countries around the world, My Vibration Plate stands as a notably reliable source for the necessary equipment. With free shipping in the USA and 15% discount now available, My Vibration Plate website also hosts a number of informative resources that make learning about this important therapeutic option easier than ever.

About My Vibration Plate:

My Vibration Plate helps it's users counter the effects of aging and enjoy improved health and wellness.


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