How to Lose Body Fat (Without Extreme Dieting)

Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Stunningly, an estimated 160 million Americans are considered overweight.

Furthermore, nearly 40 percent of adults fit the medical definition of obesity. Even children are suffering as 1 in 5 are considered obese.

The obesity epidemic is only getting worse as these are the highest rates recorded in history. As a result, a billion-dollar weight loss industry emerged.

Americans are desperate to learn how to lose body fat. At the same time, many are skeptical of dietary supplements and extreme dieting measures. Read on to explore how to lose body fat using natural methods instead of these controversial tactics.

Drop the Calorie-Cutting Diets

The days of cutting calories are over. This is not an effective way to lose body fat in the long run.

The issue with calorie-cutting is that your body reduces its metabolism rate as a result of this dietary change. When the metabolism rate drops, your body burns fewer calories throughout the day.

This means you will need to cut even more calories from your diet in order to lose weight. The law of diminishing returns takes root and calorie cutting is ultimately ineffective.

Rather than calorie-cutting, dietary experts suggest remaining full and eating healthy foods. Believe it or not, certain fats are acceptable to eat and help lose weight.

Items such as full-fat dairy and salad dressings are perfect examples. Olive oils, nut butter, and even dark chocolate are allies in the fight against body fat.

Instead of avoiding healthy fats, you should cut processed snacks and starchy vegetables from your diet. For instance, pretzels and potatoes contribute to body fat.

Try New Age Tactics Like Whole-Body Vibration

What if there was a way to replicate the benefits of exercise without actually exerting energy? It turns out that this technology has been developed in the form of whole-body vibration machines.

Not only does it produce the same benefits as exercise, but is more efficient by doing so in less time. By transmitting energy to your body in the form of vibration, your body's muscles contract as hyper speed. In fact, vibration results in dozens of muscle contractions per second.

In addition to fat-burning, research demonstrates that vibration therapy yields other health benefits. Trials show that it reduces symptoms associated with osteoporosis, lower back pain, and arthritis.

Does Exercise Work?

There is no question that exercises burn calories and has long-term health benefits. However, without dietary changes, exercise is also ineffective in meeting long-term goals.

Some forms of exercise are better than others. Walking is great, but high-intensity activities like sprinting or playing basketball are more effective.

The reason is that intense activity yields changes to your blood-sugar count. These changes are positive towards realizing and maintaining a lower weight and body mass index.

How To Lose Body Fat - Wrapping It Up

The best way to lose body fat is by changing your diet. Forget the supplements and calorie-cutting diets. Instead, you should adopt a healthy diet and remain full.

Other tactics like using full-body vibration machines are proving effective as well. If you are interested in losing body fat, please contact us for assistance.


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