How Vibration Therapy Can Relieve Scoliosis Pain

Each year, 74 000 people go to the hospital due to scoliosis pain. Scoliosis is a debilitating condition that causes a sideways curve of the spine and affects 200 million people worldwide.

If you have a curvature greater than 45 degrees, there is a possibility that you qualify for a spinal fusion. This surgery has great results can reduce pain in the most severe cases.

The problem is - not qualifying for surgery leads you to suffer from back pain for the rest of your life. Facing a life of pain medications is not an easy "pill to swallow".

Move over pain medications, there's a new therapy that can help - vibration therapy. Whole Body Vibration therapy (WVB) is surprisingly easy and can help reduce some of the worst cases of scoliosis pain.

Read on to discover how vibration therapy can help with your scoliosis pain.

How Scoliosis Pain Affects the Body

Pain can affect your well being in a plethora of ways. Learning about the causation of pain helps you understand it, and get ahead of the "curve".

In your muscle tissue, you have stretch reflexes called the "Golgi Tendon Apparatus". Scoliosis causes this GTA to become very tight and rigid. Over time, this causes severe stiffness and pain.

In some severe cases, scoliosis can cause tightening around the chest cavity. Eventually, this tightening leads to breathing problems. If not treated, scoliosis can also lead to severe arthritis, chronic back pain, digestive and hormonal issues.

How Vibration Plates Can Help You

For only ten minutes a day, vibration plates can strengthen your muscles and loosen uncomfortable stiff tissues in your body. The vibration plate causes high-frequency mechanical strain, which stimulates your muscle's stretch reflex. This promotes bone strength, reduces pain and promotes muscle relaxation.

WBV strengthens muscle tissue by rapidly but gently increasing the load on them. This manifests fantastic results with WBV increasing muscle power, as well as static and dynamic strength. The results are equal to many hours in a gym, without even needing to go to one!

That is a real win-win!

Imagine a Life Pain-Free

The most beneficial reason patients seem to appreciate about WBV is that they can have their lives back. The functional improvement and systematic relief lead to a better quality of life.

Nothing can beat the feeling of being able to play with your family pain-free!

There are numerous other benefits of using the vibration plate technology:

Check out what our clients have been saying about their results.

Try Whole Body Vibration Therapy Today!

Now that you know about how Vibration Plates can help with your scoliosis pain, I know you're excited to try it out!

There is no reason to stay in pain. Contact us to learn more about many of the different machines available.

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A pain-free life, full of your favorite activities awaits you.

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