DKN Xg10 Pro REVIEW - Whole Body Gravity Vibration trainer

DKN Xg10 PRO Full Review And Benefits

No one likes to feel the weight of age come down on them.  We want to be able to pick our grandchildren up off the floor and into our arms for as long as we can.  Or perhaps walk our neighborhood in the early evenings with friends and our pets for as often as we’d like.  

For many people, they just wish they could get out of bed or a chair without assistance.  Whole Body Vibration Machine workouts and programs can make much of this a reality.


What Can the DKN Xg10 Pro Do to help your body?

Pro Features “Quick Look”:

  • Near silent and powerful for a better workout in less time.
  • Learn which routines you should be doing with the accompanying “Personal Trainer” feature and pre-set Programs that know what you should be doing to help your areas of concern.
  • Easy to use, animated controls with backlight. Easy to see.  Easy to operate.
  • Prevents and slows the effects of osteoporosis and can actually reverse many symptoms!
  • Improves conditions associated with Parkinson’s disease and MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • A strong, durable machine that doesn’t break or fail. Commercial grade steel with carbon reinforcement provide a max weight capacity of up 330lbs.
  • The isolate vibration platform ensures that the body is the recipient of the intense vibration and NOT the floor below it or the rest of the machine.
  • Low lying vibration platform is easy to step on and off with little to no impact on feet, knees and hips.
  • Other conditions that WBVM’s improve:  back pain, fibromyalgia, reduce bone loss, and improve balance while keeping muscle, ligaments, tendons and bones strong.
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Now, let’s take a DEEP look into the Features and Benefits of the DKN Pro Series Whole Body Vibration Machine:

A variable gravity speed motor with powerful 12G acceleration:  

DKN XG10 ReviewYou can choose how intense or how gentle the vibrating is.  This adds to comfort and conditioning.  Some studies have shown that 10 minutes on a whole-body vibration machine (WBVM) is equal to a 1 hour long, traditional workout with weights, treadmills etc.  That’s why the variable gravity speed is important. It allows your body to start slow and then increase intensity.

Near Silent Performance:

One of the drawbacks with 1st generation WBVMs was the loud and disruptive noise they made while vibrating.  With the DKN Xg10 Pro’s silent vibration technology, it’s possible to have the machine running while you watch your favorite TV show and without disturbing those around you.

Fat Burning and Muscle Building EVERY SECOND!

Whole Body Gravity Vibration technology works this way:  Each vertical vibration sends a signal to the muscles in the body that causes them to contract and then release.  This is exactly what traditional works outs do: Contract and then release the muscles.  The difference here is that the contraction is a gentler one and there is zero impact on joints, ligaments, and bones.  The muscles in your body work themselves out with a simple indication (due to the vertical vibration) to contract.

Slow Osteoporosis and the Feeling of Aging

We can’t stop the aging process but we can slow it down with regular and intelligent programs.  WBVM is perfect for those who are on in years but still want to remain somewhat active.  In many studies, the onset of arthritis and osteoporosis were reversed or greatly slowed with only a 15-minute workout, 5x per week on a WBVM.

Besides Anti-Aging, What Else is it Good For?

DKN XG10 PRO Test and ReviewMuscular degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or ALS play havoc on a person’s body and their ability to function, eventually making the simplest and most basic of bodily activities impossible. This robs men and women of their dignity and confidence.  WBVM treatment, in many studies, has shown positive results and slowed degeneration in these types of ailments.

Whole Body Vibration Machines are what People Have Always Been Searching for!

Flick a switch.  Stand on a machine.  Lose weight.  Build muscle.  Stay healthy.

It’s the stuff that dreams are made of and something that men and women have been seeking out for a long, long time.  Of course, we’re simplifying the process (one that we’ll get into deeper in a bit) but you can see the attraction of such a program.  The DKN Pro Series (Xg10) is one such machine that can deliver these kinds of results.

The Reality of Aging

REVIEW DKN XG10 PROAs we age many things happen:  Our muscle mass decreases, metabolism slows, and weight starts to accumulate.  That is until you’re really advanced in years and then the body struggles even to keep “bad” weight on.  Tendons weaken, ligaments become loose, and bones become brittle.  The reason?   

As we lose muscle and energy we lose the ability to stay active and keep protein synthesis and muscle built up.  Once that happens, then it all kind of goes downhill.  We lose balance as muscles, particularly around our core, weaken and become unable to keep us stable.  It’s all kind of depressing.

And we haven’t even mentioned other ailments that may come with and without age: Blood thickens and slows (increasing the chance of stroke and heart attack), arthritis develops, osteoporosis, etc.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  It can be slowed.  The aging process can be easier and less aggressive.  That’s why we’re introducing the DKN Xg10 Pro to our client base.  We want you to enjoy the many years that you deserve to have as an active, healthy person.  

The Dream of Not Aging!

Anti-aging medicines, programs, salves, pills, lotions, etc have been around as long as people have been aging. It’s funny to hear but it’s the truth.  We hear stories (true stories!) of people who searched for the “Fountain of Youth” for millennia.  

The efforts we go through today are nothing short of that same search, it’s only that we do it differently.  Instead of trying to slow aging down (because we can’t STOP it), we instead try to hide it with expensive plastic surgery and skin treatments.

Now, in this day and age with all of the advancements and studies, we know that whole body vibration can do so much to help us all age slower and with more comfort and strength than ever before.

We Currently Hold the DKN Xg10 Pro in stock, but not for long!  Get Your Vibration Machine and Start Feeling Better!

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