Benefits of Full Body Vibration for Golfers

whole body vibration plate for back pain in golfers

An Exclusive Guide To Vibration Plate For Golfers

Although full body vibration machines may seem like a novelty in the clubhouse, for the country clubs that feature them, they are giving a major boon to their visiting golfers. While it may only see use from some of the older generation, in fact, every single golfer, young or old, can have their golf game benefit from a regular dose of full body vibration before their game and have the rest of their week improved by a little vibration afterward. What many golfers don’t know is that full body vibration machines do so much more than just “feel good,” they have a number of benefits that you can reap on your scorecard.

Improved Flexibility

Golf isn’t a game of lightning fast reflexes, fast running, or how hard you can tackle. It is very much a game in which a good range of motion affects your performance more so than anything else. As it is so low impact, this is why people of so many different ages can enjoy it, and while physical skill can fade with age, if you do your due diligence in terms of flexibility from your teens and onwards, you can be great at golf for the rest of your life.

The full body vibration machine naturally improves flexibility by acting as a sort of warm-up and cool-down routine in and of itself. The vibration loosens up the muscles and improves circulation, making your body more limber in its own relaxing way. That limberness means you start your game with a full range of motion, meaning you don’t need to take a few practice swings or take the hit on the first few holes while you stretch out and warm up.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Everyone knows that stretching reduces your risk of injury in any physical activity. As full body vibration not only relaxes muscles but helps loosen and limber them up, it is essentially like a stretching routine without so much of the actual movement. If you don’t already have a dedicated stretching regimen that works for you before each golf game, having a few minutes of full body vibration can dramatically reduce your risk for injury. While an all around body vibration routine is best and most beneficial, focusing on your problem areas where you suffer frequently from cramps, pulled muscles, or other injuries can be a good idea as well.

Soothes Sore Muscles and Back Pain

You might have a few good years ahead of your still of driving with full power without even the slightest twinge, but you don’t need to be an old timer before you start feeling that distinct lower back pain that comes from playing a full 18 holes while trying to get the most distance out of your first swing. However, putting a little vibration on that back can really take the sting off. In fact, by getting on the vibration machines before and after play, you can have multiple golf games a week without the debilitating pain. It is an added bonus that using it before your game can help ease up any stiffness or soreness from working all day as well.

Reduces Stress

If you were to, for example, be playing on the PGA tour, there is no doubt you would want to take advantage of the full body vibration machine in between rounds. The stress must be enormous. However, stress isn’t limited to pro golf players. Whether you are having a golf meeting with a client or your boss, or just want to unwind so that your day doesn’t affect your play, the vibration can help. Think of it like a shoulder, neck, and foot massage all in one with the added benefit of making your body more fit and loose while absolutely melting away your stress.

Muscle Conditioning

The way the full body vibration works is that it involves tensing the muscles against each other. Through vertical vibrations, the muscles are stimulated by contractions and that, in essence, is how they are strengthened by other means like lifting weights. When it comes to your standard forward swing, there are 22 different groups of muscles involved in the process. Understanding each muscle and what they are responsible when you swing your driver can go a long way to improving your game. By knowing the muscles, you can properly condition them, and the positions, as well as the repeated contraction on full body vibration machines, are excellent for getting specific muscles into playing shape, especially after a long time off the golf course.

Increased Swing Speed

Back Pain Golfer solutionWhen it comes to improving your golf swing, the technique is everything. Well, it is almost everything, anyways. There is another way to get results on your swing and that is to increase your swing speed. The logic is simple. Get more swing speed and you will get more distance on your ball. To get more speed, you need to work on the trifecta – strength, balance, and flexibility. In a bit of serendipity, the full body vibration machine can work on all of these things. Strength and flexibility come from just using the machine, but a variety of different training poses can help balance as well.

Treats Aging

The great thing about golf is that it is a sport you can enjoy for life. Age won’t stop you from playing, it will just keep you from doing as good. However, it you suffer from mobility-decreasing conditions like poor circulation or arthritis, a round on the vibration machine can help loosen you up. Obviously, the machine can help you rebuild strong muscle tissue that can help with mobility, but in just 90 seconds it increased blood flow to the body to stop circulation problems and starts the collagen production for healthy joints. All of the above can help treat issues like arthritis by decreasing inflammation and helping to prevent it from coming back. Furthermore, since it mimics the effects of a very intense and effective massage, the full body vibration machine can have huge pain-relieving properties when it comes to age-related conditions.


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