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FAQ Whole Body Vibration

Training Questions

When performing exercises (i.e., squats lunges, etc) on the “WBV” Device, are there any differences in exercise form as compared to traditional strength training exercises?

Can “WBV” Device training improve flexibility?

Should I use a step for certain exercises?

When can I increase the intensity of my training, and how do I do so sensibly?

I wonder if the muscles are trained effectively with the straps, as I don't feel much while doing the biceps-curl and side and front raises?

Should I do my “WBV” Device exercises before or after my cardio training?

If I want to train my entire body on the “WBV” Device, can I do all the exercises in one session?

Why do I sometimes get headaches immediately after a training session?

Can I use the “WBV” Device barefoot?

I have been exercising intensively for years. Can I start with the advanced program immediately?

Can I alternate different muscle groups?

How old should I be to start training on the “WBV” Device?

My mother is 72 years old; can she train on the “WBV” Device?

Medical Questions

Can vibration training help in preventing or treating varicose veins?

Do the hormones produced after vibration training have harmful effects?

My doctor/specialist doesn't know the “WBV” Device, what should I do?

I am a diabetic. How can I train on the “WBV” Device?

I suffer from arthritis. How can I train on the “WBV” Device?

When can vibrations be harmful?

Physiological Questions

Using the "high" mode is harder. Is it also more effective? (for machines with two amplitudes)

Do the conventional rules of fitness apply to the “WBV” Device? Such as a two day rest period in between sessions and training the larger muscle groups before the smaller groups?

Does the “WBV” Device improve circulation in the entire body, or just locally?

What are the advantages of training dynamically?

Should I do cardio-training as well?

Is training on the “WBV” Device effective?

Why do you start with so few exercises, and does my schedule intensifies gradually?

How does the “WBV” Device cause muscles to contract automatically?

If I quit training after having used the “WBV” Device intensively for a number of weeks, how long will the effects last?

Are there any long-term effects of vibration training?

General Questions

What is the difference between "high" and "low" mode?

Are there any other exercises than the ones on the poster?

Is it possible to replace my entire fitness program with a “WBV” Device program?

I have questions my own gym cannot answer. Where can I get more information?

How long has vibration training been around?